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ITA Connector for Employers and Schools

Are you an employer looking to connect with schools but not sure where to start? Use the map below to find school districts that offer Youth Trades Programs. From there, you can chat with someone who can help you connect with students, share your skills, and launch the next generation of tradespeople.

Here are some tips and ideas on how to get involved with a school district in your area:

Get Involved

Here are just a few ways that you get involved in a school district near you. Have a new idea of your own? Contact the school and find out.

  1. Sponsor a youth apprentice!
  2. Give a career talk at a local school
  3. Participate in a Youth Discover event
  4. Take on a Work Experience student
  5. Host a tour of your shop or business
  6. Teach students a new skill
  7. Donate materials and tools for class programs

Tips for an Amazing Career Talk

Sharing your career path with youth can have a huge impact. Here are some tips and tricks to making a good talk even better.

  • Warm it up: use an icebreaker that gets students interacting socially before diving into your talk.
  • Keep it real: make sure to tell your personal story, not generalizations.
  • Break it down: students will be more likely to ask questions in small groups than big ones. Try groups of 3-6 and see what happens!
  • Make it relevant: see how you can relate your experience to their schooling, their future career or the working world.
  • Age matters: there are big differences between younger and older teens, so find out more about your audience before you prep.

Connect with a First Nations School

More and more First Nations schools are including trades training programs into their curriculums. If you’d like to get involved with trades training at First Nations schools, please visit First Nations Schools Association at for contact information.

All First Nations schools running ITA youth trades programs will be included in the Connector Tool map in the new year.

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